Elton Jubilee Field Committee (charity no. 507662) are inviting expression of interest from providers of children’s play equipment.

We are looking to replace our existing play area and install new, modern and exciting facilities for the children of Elton and the general public.

We welcome quotes and designs from reputable suppliers which include the following…

  1. 2 x Children’s swings
  2. 2 x baby swings
  3. 1 x toddler climbing frame
  4. 1 x children’s climbing frame
  5. 1 x seesaw
  6. 1 x inclusive roundabout
  7. 1 x springer

Quotes of up to £45,000 to be sent to elton@live.co.uk by Friday 20 May 2022.

Thank you in advance

Colin Swindell
On behalf of Elton Jubilee Field Management Committee
Registered charity no. 507662

 Site location: Elton Jubilee Field, Main Street, Elton, Matlock DE4 2BU

An Easter Church Service is to be held at Elton Church on Sunday 17 April at 11am.

Everybody is welcome to attend. T

here will also be an open table where you can join the celebration of the Eucharist meal of bread and wine.

BinsFrom next week (Monday 11 April 2022), separate food caddy collections will restart across the Derbyshire Dales.
Residents are being asked to leave their food caddies out on the regular collection day.
Whilst the service gets back into full swing, it is anticipated that some collections could be delayed. If your food caddy is not collected along with your other bins/containers/sacks, please leave it out and crews should collect it within a couple of days.

Ukrainian FlagMessage from Winster residents Martin and Deborah Hoffman…

Through a contact of our daughter in London, we are sponsoring a mother and her daughter from Odessa to come and stay with us.

We live in Winster and are wondering if others in Elton are considering hosting. Elton would also be a wonderful haven with its warm and welcoming community.  If the village was able to offer refuge to a number of individuals or families we think it would be helpful and comforting for them to have familiar faces around…

Not everyone will be able to host, but there are plenty of other ways to support both refugees and hosts; for example, cooking a meal, inviting guests for a brew, helping find employment and assisting with official paperwork.

If you are interested to help in any shape or form, please call us on 07785 547819 or email Hofmanfamily@btinternet.com

We’d be very happy to chat and co-ordinate a response from our combined villages.

Martin and Deborah Hofman – Underwood House, Main Street, Winster

Community Heartbeat TrustElton Parish Council would like to invite the residents of Elton to a defibrillator demonstration.

The event will take place on Tuesday 19 April at 7pm in Elton Village Hall.

The Community Heartbeat Trust will be demonstrating the use of Elton’s defibrillator. This will include an explanation of how the equipment works and the benefits to the community in saving precious minutes in the treatment of a sudden cardiac arrest.

The more people who know how to use a portable defibrillator, the more chance there is of saving a life.

IMPORTANT – Numbers are limited and you must register to attend.

A maximum of 50 people can attend and it is essential that you register by Tuesday 12 April 2022. Priority will be given to residents of Elton and spaces will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

To register your attendance, please email elton@live.co.uk and give the names of the people who wish to join us. You can also call Colin on 07816 986 956 – but email is preferable.

If spaces are available after Tuesday 12 April, they will be offered to anybody who lives outside the village.

Other info…

There is NO charge for this event. The cost of the session has been covered by Elton Parish Council. If you wish, donations can be given on the night to the Community Heartbeat Trust.

Anybody from Elton can attend. You do not require any special skills, first aid knowledge or previous experience of using a defibrillator.

This will be a busy event and 2-meter social distancing might not be possible. You may wish to consider your personal circumstances before registering to attend. Face coverings will be optional and, where possible, the room will be ventilated.

For more details about the Community Heartbeat Trust, the work they do and demonstration videos, please visit https://www.communityheartbeat.org.uk/

This notice will be delivered to all households in the village along with a fridge magnet displaying the access code needed to open the defibrillator cabinet (located in Elton’s telephone box).

Elton Parish Council

Derbyshire Mobile LibraryThe Mobile Library, operated by Derbyshire County Council, continues to visit Elton every month.

The Mobile Library will be stopping outside the Duke of York pub between 10.10am and 10.40am on the following dates…

Friday 18 March 2022
Monday 11 April 2022
Friday 13 May 2022

Please see below details of 2 road closures due in the coming weeks to facilitate the renewal of water mains.
PLEASE NOTE! – These works are being carried out by Severn Trent and the road closure has been authorised by Derbyshire County Council. Elton Parish Council does not have any further details about these works or any influence over when or how they will be carried out. We are simply passing on the information to residents.
If you have any questions, comments or grumbles, please direct them to Severn Trent or Derbyshire County Council

Road Closure 1

WHEN: 28th March 2022 to 15th April 2022
WHERE: West End, Elton for a distance of 300 metres between junction with Gratton Lane and junction with Moor Lane.
REASON: To facilitate Water Main Renewals.
ALTERNATIVE ROUTE: Cliff Lane, Alport Lane, B5056, The Mires, Chadwick Hill, Winster Lane, East End, Main Street and vice versa

Road Closure 2

WHEN: 1st April 2022 to 7th April 2022
WHERE: Chadwick Hill, Elton for a distance of 50 metres at junction with Islington Lane and Dudwood Lane.
REASON: To facilitate Water Main Renewals.
ALTERNATIVE ROUTE: Chadwick Hill, Bank Top, B5056 , Moor Lane, Back Lane, Main Street, East End, Winster Lane and vice versa.

BinsAll bin collections will be one day later than usual this week.

This is due to the rounds being cancelled on Monday because of widespread flooding and road closures across the Derbyshire Dales. Furthermore, the floods resulted in the waste tips closing which meant that SERCO could not operate.

SERCO will be working on the Saturday to complete a 5 day week of collections.

Thank you

Colin Swindell
District Councillor for Winster and South Darley Ward
Derbyshire Dales District Council

Damage to Darley BridgeOn the afternoon of Tuesday 22 February, significant damage was caused to Darley Bridge. This means that the road will remain shut for a while longer.

The damage was caused whilst works were being undertaken to remove debris, branches and wood clogging-up the water flow under Darley Bridge. From what I am told, a 360 degree digger that was working on the bridge backed into the wall behind it. This has left a large hole on the roadside with a drop to the river on the other side. It has since been covered-up and made safe using temporary barriers.

Derbyshire County Council have made the decision to close the bridge to vehicles – although some residents have told me of their frustration at HGVs and larger vehicles have been let through.

I appreciate and understand the inconvenience the prolonged road closure will cause residents in South Darley and surrounding villages. With Oker Road still closed due to the landslip, this will mean a long-diverted route to reach the A6 and Matlock. Furthermore, it will lead to increased pressure on the smaller roads in and around nearby villages.

Many vehicles have also been using the Gated Road between Wenslees and Oker as a cut-through. I want to appeal to motorists not to use this road. It is in very poor condition and has been unmaintained for many years. It is unsuitable for vehicles and will cause damage.

This evening I have emailed the County Councillor covering Darley Bridge and asked that she provides details about County Hall’s plans to repair the bridge and a timescale for reopening the road. As soon as I have a reply I will update you again.

I appreciate the last few days have been very trying and difficult for local residents, particularly South Darley residents. I want to stress again that I understand the inconvenience this is causing. Residents have made this perfectly clear to me on several occasions and I understand.

I will do my best to get clarification on the situation and apply pressure where I can to get the road open at the earliest opportunity.

Darley Bridge – Closed due to risk of flooding

The main road and bridge at Darley Bridge are now closed to pedestrians and vehicles.

A flood warning is now in place at Darley Bridge and along the River Derwent. The water level at Darley Bridge is very high and flooding is now likely. Please keep away.

Please do not attempt to pass through and over the bridge. It has been closed for your safety! By ignoring the road closure you are not only putting yourself in danger but others as well.

Anybody travelling between Winster and Matlock is reminded that the road through Oker is also closed due to the landslip. Please take an alternative route.

It is advised to only travel if necessary. If you must travel, please be mindful of water on the roads.

Regular updates about Darley Bridge and the flood response can be viewed at the Facebook Page ‘Cllr Colin Swindell – Elton, Winster & South Darley’.