Do you feel like you haven’t left Elton in a long, long time?!

With most of us stuck at home, under lockdown or self-isolating, it might feel like it. You’re not the only one.

Believe it or not, there once was a man who chose never to leave his home village of Elton!

For a bit of light fun, entertainment and interest take a look at the online video called ‘The Derbyshire Recluse’.

The video is an ATV report filmed in 1975 about the late Elton resident Herlock Buxton.

Herlock lived and farmed in Elton all of his life. He loved Elton so much that he only left it once in his entire life at the age of 11.

ATV Today reporter John Swallow drops in to see him at his local pub to discover that the twentieth century has barely affected him. Not even the village whist drive can tempt him from his solitary existence!

Have a little look. Not only is it interesting and probably relevant to how you feel today, but there are some great scenes of Elton and The Duke of York back in 1975.

You can view The Derbyshire Recluse video online at –

Enjoy and stay safe.

Have you got spare food caddy liners?

Have you got spare food caddy liners?

A message from Colin Swindell, your District Councillor…

The Coronavirus outbreak has meant that the District Council has taken the decision to suspended the delivery of food caddy liners and garden waste sacks. This is to help them cope with the reduction in staffing and resources as well as prioritising efforts to collect general household waste and recycling.

The council are looking at ways to resume all waste services as soon as possible, but in the meantime, you might be able to help.

With deliveries suspended and people unable to get to the shops or council offices to buy more, some residents are running short.

Are you somebody who composts your food and garden waste? As a result, do you have rolls of food caddy liners and garden waste sacks that you are not using?

If so, you can help by giving them away for other residents to use.

You can leave your unwanted liners and sacks at my garden gate at Laburnum Cottage, Well Street, Elton. I will then pass them on to those people who are in short supply or have requested them.

Thanking you in advance.

Colin Swindell
District Councillor

Elton Remembers Supplement (May 2020)

Elton Remembers Supplement

Elton Remembers

For a long time, ‘Elton Remembers’ was just a printed copy in All Saints’ Church. In 2018, on the Centenary of the Armistice in 1918, it was published on the village website for all to see.

In anticipation of the 75th Anniversary of VE (Victory in Europe) Day on Friday 8 May, Gratton resident Jonathan Snodgrass has, under the auspices of Elton Local History Group, led a small team which has produced a ‘Supplement’ to the booklet ‘Elton Remembers’.

This new ‘Supplement’ states:  “…there is a wider picture, which this Supplement is intended to paint.”  Its chapters include:

  • Call to Arms!
  • The Home Front.
  • In Memoriam

To view ‘Elton Remembers’, please click here.

To view the supplement to ‘Elton Remembers’, please click here.

We hope that you will find it an interesting read and that it may give pause for thought. We hope also that it will provide an opportunity for others to add to the story.

In contrast to our sombre remembrances each November, VE Day was a celebration (as well as being an exhausted relief). We hope, therefore, that people will read this account of our village wartime story, and it will enhance their VE Day.

Elton Parish Council is pleased to support Elton Local History Group and to circulate this addition to the history of our village. Both papers can be viewed on the village website, at all times.

Since the last update, very little has changed in the way of service provision and changes in the local community, but below are a few brief points and reminders which you might find helpful.

In the meantime, it is worth bearing in mind that the government is due to announce whether or not there will be any changes to the current rules around social distancing and self-isolation. This is due to take place this weekend. If there are changes and some restrictions are lifted, a further update will be provided to let you know how this might affect life and services in the local community.

Please remember that updates and notices are regularly posted on the village website

Updates, Reminders and Points for Clarification

1) Waste Collections

This Friday is a Bank Holiday to mark VE Day. Waste collection crews will be working throughout the Bank Holiday, so there will be no changes to your waste collections.

Please remember that garden waste collections are still suspended until further notice and food waste is being collected fortnightly along with your general household waste. Derbyshire Dales District Council and Serco have now resolved many of the problems they faced at the start of the outbreak and collections appear to be running to schedule. Discussion are now taking place to get garden waste and food waste collections back on schedule as well. As soon as I have more information I will let you know.

2) Household Waste & Recycling Centres

Derbyshire County Council is looking at ways it can reopen the household waste and recycling centres. This is taking some time as measures need to be in place to ensure social distancing measures can be applied, queuing traffic can be managed and that the removal and disposal of waste can take place. Again, as soon as I have further details, I will be in touch.

3) Bonfires

A reminder that Derbyshire Dales District Council is appealing to households to think of others and not light bonfires during the current coronavirus lockdown. The effects of bonfires at this time are likely to be much more serious and have a bigger impact. Coronavirus is known to cause serious respiratory problems, which could be made much worse if the sufferer is exposed to smoke from bonfires.

It is important to be especially considerate at this time, when people are confined to their homes and unable to escape unpleasant fumes. Bonfires can also become out of control or cause accidents, creating extra pressure on our already busy emergency services. The District Council will take enforcement action against any persistent offenders.

4) Clarification on Social Distancing, Testing and Lockdown Policy

A firm but polite reminder that the Parish Council nor your District Councillor have any powers to enforce social distancing restrictions or tell people how they should behave. In recent weeks, they have received a number of calls and emails complaining about people who appear to be breaching the guidelines on social distancing. Such complaints include people who appear to be visiting second homes, meeting with family and friends or out non-essential business.

The Parish Council can only encourage social distancing – not enforce it. The Parish Council has taken what steps it can to encourage people to follow the guidelines. This has been done in a balanced and considered way.

Social distancing measures are enforced by Derbyshire Police. They have the legal powers to disperse groups of people and send people home who should not be where they are. You can report any such issues to Derbyshire Police online at

Furthermore, people have been in touch with the Parish Council and District Councillor to comment and criticise government policy on dealing with Coronavirus and the lockdown policies, as well as enquire or comment on the process for testing for COVID-19. These issues are way above the responsibility of Parish or District Council and should be directed to your MP.

Stay safe.

Recycling rounds should be back to normal from tomorrow after some disruption caused by the coronavirus crisis. Crews will take excess recycling where capacity allows, but it needs to be presented properly please.

Additional material will be taken if placed at the side of your recycling container providing it is easily identifiable and suitably contained.

So please use transparent containers (such as stacker boxes) rather than black bags so that the content can be easily identified.

Any excess card, paper, magazines etc must be separated from other excess recycling, such as glass, plastics, cans, beverage cartons, aerosols and foil trays.

Flatten and where possible remove all staples and packaging tape from cardboard, removing all polystyrene and bubble wrap.

Pieces of cardboard that will not fit in your container can be flattened and placed next to the container for collection.

Large cardboard boxes should be flattened and broken down into smaller pieces no wider than 0.5m to fit the recycling compartment of our trucks.

Thanks and stay safe
Colin Swindell
District Councillor

Below is a further statement from our District Councillor, Colin Swindell, giving an update on recycling collections.

Dear resident

I am pleased to announce that the Chief Executive of Derbyshire Dales District Council and Serco have drawn up a contingency plan on how to deal with the backlog of missed recycling collections.

In my last email I explained how recycling collections have been missed due to staff shortages and crew members self-isolating – with priority now being given to collecting general household waste.

Below is a joint statement from the District Council and Serco which sets out how they intend to fix this problem during these exceptional circumstances.

Please note and keep in mind…

1. Garden waste collections are still suspended until further notice.

2. Recycling waste should continue to be presented in your normal day and excess will be taken if the wagons have capacity. The statement has a link to information on how to present excess recycling for collection.

3. For the time being, food waste will continue to be collected fortnightly (instead of weekly) with your general household waste.

4. Please allow time for crews to catch up with collections. Things will not return to normal overnight.

More detail will undoubtedly follow and I will pass this on when it becomes available.

Colin Swindell
Cllr Colin Swindell
District Councillor for Winster and South Darley Ward
Derbyshire Dales District Council

Joint statement from Derbyshire Dales District Council and Serco

GOOD NEWS! From the middle of next week (Wednesday 15) Serco, our waste collections & recycling partners, aim to resume normal collections of recyclable waste although garden waste collections will remain temporarily suspended.

They will be taking as much excess recycling waste as they can, utilising the vans that are transporting staff to rounds to meet social distancing regulations. This will keep the recycling trucks operating for longer. Please note how to properly present any excess recycling on our website at

Garden waste collections will be resumed when staff availability increases and when it is safer to do so, balancing the low priority in providing this service with the welfare and safety of the staff in having to provide it.

Over the last two weeks waste and recycling services here in the Derbyshire Dales (and in most local authorities) have been scaled back to reflect staff availability and Government coronavirus guidance concerning leaving home, prioritising essential services and allowing staff to isolate where necessary.

In the Dales, while general waste has been collected, some recycling services have been reduced and garden waste collections suspended. This is entirely in line with Government Guidance to Local authorities (subsequently issued by DEFRA on 7 April), which states that general waste collections should be continued, frequency of recycling services may be reduced dependant on staff availability, while collecting garden waste should be treated as “Low Priority” and, where necessary, cease to be provided.


Below is a statement from our District Councillor, Colin Swindell.

I have made the following statement to all residents in my ward which I hope you will read and find helpful. Although I’ve received some hostile complaints from people mainly outside of my ward about the state of waste collections, I’m pleased to say that I haven’t had any from Elton or Winster. So thank you for your patience and understanding.

Dear resident

Over the past few days I have received a number of complaints about the bin crews not collecting recycling waste from some properties. Some of these complaints have been reasonable in their approach – others not so much.

I wanted to write to you on this issue by first explaining why some recycling collections are being missed and what is expected of residents. Also below is a reminder of the temporary changes to your waste collection and reality check on the situation we find ourselves in.

When the Coronavirus spread across the UK, people who have underlying health conditions – or live with somebody with a health condition – made the decision to self-isolate. This was to protect their health and well-being and that of their families.

A number of those who chose to self-isolate were members of Serco’s waste collection teams. With the job of waste collection being outdoors and dealing with potentially contaminated waste, crew members were put at a high risk of infection. This meant that some took the decision to self-isolate, resulting in the staff levels and crews significantly reducing in a matter of days.

The District Council and Serco were faced with an immediate problem and had to make quick decisions on how best to continue delivering waste collection services. There were few options and, whichever one was taken, would undoubtedly result in fewer bins being emptied.

With limited staff, the decision was made to prioritise the collection of general household waste over all other types of waste. This was the best option to ensure public health was not put at risk. Food waste would still be collected, but changed to a fortnightly collection alongside residual waste. Garden waste collections would be suspended temporarily.

With crews prioritising the collection of residual waste, it had resulted in many households not having their recycling bins and containers collected. Sadly, this could be the case for several more weeks. I can only apologise if your waste collection has been affected.

Although not ideal, in the short term these decisions are practical and sensible. It will ensure general waste continues to be removed in the interests of public health. Other waste can be stored safely at residents’ homes with less smell and chance of infestation.

I understand and appreciate some of the concerns that have been raised about this approach and that residents are keen to have their waste removed at the earliest opportunity. It is also reasonable and right for residents to expect answers as to how and when their waste will be collected.

I want to reassure you that the Chief Executive of Derbyshire Dales District Council and Serco are in talks to find a solution. A contingency plan will be announced soon which will set out how recycling collections will happen during this emergency situation. As soon as clear plan is in place, I will communicate it to residents.

But as much as I sympathise with some of the frustrations expressed, I think it is only fair that we stop and take a reality check.

These are difficult and unprecedented times for everybody. Councils and public services are facing challenges that they never thought they would have to face. Across the country and here in the Dales, public servants are on the frontline putting their health and lives at risk on a daily basis to continue providing the best possible services they can. They go out to work, so you can stay home and stay safe.

It is, therefore, only right that I ask residents to show patience and give a little bit of time to allow our waste collection crews and council staff to resolve these issues. By storing your recycling and garden waste a little longer you can play your part in supporting our hard working and overstretched waste crews and council staff.

With so much to worry about at this time, it’s not a lot to ask and a small price to pay to ensure their health, wellbeing and lives are kept safe.

Like many frontline key workers, our waste crews selflessly continue to put themselves at risk by going out to do their job so you can stay at home and stay safe. They deserve your appreciation and gratitude.

I apologise again and thank you for your patience and understanding during these exceptional times.

Stay safe.

Colin Swindell
District Councillor

Changes to your waste collections

*  Garden waste collections (green bins and sacks) have been suspended until further notice. Please compost where you can.

*  Food waste (food caddy) will now be collected fortnightly along with your general household waste (grey bin or black sacks).

*   As crews and resources are limited, there will be a focus on collecting general household waste. This could mean your recyclable waste (blue bins, boxes and bags) might not be collected at all.

*   If your recycling waste is not collected on your usual day, please assume crews will not return for it. Please return your bins and container to your property and store it as best you can.

*   Please only report a missed collection for general household waste (grey bin or black sacks). Please do not attempt to log a missed collection for recycling waste as staff shortages mean we cannot return for it.

*   If your village/street does not have its recycling waste collected, please present it for collection on the next scheduled collection date. Please note, however, that during these exceptional times there is no guarantee it will be taken away.

*   If you are running out of the biodegradable food bags the council is happy for people to put food waste direct into the kerbside caddy (it would be good if you could wash it out afterwards) or add their kitchen caddy to the kerbside collection. This is acceptable during these exceptional circumstances.

*   The council is currently liaising with SERCO on contingency arrangements to deal with the recycling collections. As soon as arrangements have been agreed, I will ensure that residents are notified.

For the latest Coronavirus advice, support and service updates go to

Cllr Colin Swindell
District Councillor for Winster and South Darley Ward
Derbyshire Dales District Council

Address: Laburnum Cottage, Well Street, Elton, Matlock DE4 2BY
Mobile: 07816 986 956

By now everybody will have heard the national media campaign to stay at home over the next week.
The campaign asks you to stay at home to help stop the spread of the virus between communities, reduce the pressure on our NHS and save the lives of your friends, family and neighbours.
This campaign is supported by the County Council, District Council, Peak District National Park and Derbyshire Police.
The forecast over the next 2 days is for warm and sunny weather. Everybody is being encouraged to enjoy it at home and not to go out unless absolutely necessary. You are also asked that any exercise you do take is within the locality your own home or within 1 Mile.
This includes not visiting friends and family – even if they live nearby, not mixing with people of a different household and keeping 2 metres apart from anybody you see when out exercising or in your own garden.
I have also been contacted by many residents in the past few weeks about the number of cyclists and hikers passing through our village on long treks. The first thing to say, as somebody who is currently working remotely (and very carefully) as a postman, the number of people on long walks has significantly reduced. The number passing my own home yesterday was nil.
I want to make it clear, however, that neither the parish council nor I have any rights or powers to ask these people to leave and go home – as some have suggested. The police will not come out at request to impose fines.
Residents and the parish council have put up official notices on noticeboards and footpath markers around the village encouraging people to think about their journey and ask them not to put the community at risk. This is as much as we can do. Hopefully, the vast majority have heard the national and local campaigns and will take notice and stay at home.
We do ask all residents not to inflame the situation and not be confrontational with walkers, hikers and cyclist during these difficult times.
One of the biggest risks to the spread of infection within our community is not from people passing through, but people leaving and returning. So, please stay at home, exercise within 1 mile from your own home, protect our NHS, reduce the pressure on our NHS staff and help keep everybody safe and well.
Best wishes
Colin Swindell
District Councillor

The Coronavirus outbreak will have a serious financial impact on many local families and businesses. Derbyshire Dales District Council understands this and is ready to help.

Below is a statement from the District Council which gives advice for anybody struggling financially or facing an uncertain few months ahead.

I hope you find this useful. Please pass on to your friends, family and neighbours who you think might find this helpful.

If you wish to discuss this or any other matter, please get in touch.


Colin Swindell
District Councillor




Financial Support for Residents During COVD-19

Derbyshire Dales District Council recognises that in these unprecedented times many of our residents and businesses will need financial support. We will make sure that any government support is passed through to you as soon as practically possible. We have therefore introduced measures to try to ease some of the pressures you may be experiencing.

Measures for residents

  • If, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, you are struggling to make your normal payments – such as Council Tax – then please contact us and we will do what we can to assist by reviewing your instalment dates. You can contact us preferably by email at or by telephone on 01629 761222 (normal office hours Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm except on Tuesdays when we start at 10.30am).
  • All recovery action against households, including for prior years, has been initially suspended until Tuesday 30th June 2020.
  • The Council’s Council Tax Support (CTS) Scheme provides financial support to households with low incomes. We would encourage those who wish to make a claim to do so as soon as possible and we’ll be prioritising these claims to get support to eligible households as soon as we can.
    If you wish to claim Council Tax Support please complete our online form or telephone us on 01629 761188.
  • The Government has recently announced a £500m Hardship Fund and the Council will be receiving additional funding to further assist those of working age who claim Council Tax Support. Eligible households will receive a credit on their council tax account. This will be £150 or the amount outstanding on your account if lower. You do not need to apply for this, if you are eligible it will be awarded automatically and you will be sent a new council tax bill.
  • The government has announced changes to the Housing Benefit calculation in response to the COVID 19 situation. Anyone receiving Local Housing Allowance Housing Benefit (privately rented accommodation) will find their Housing Benefit entitlements increased from 6th April. Some working age claimants, who receive Working Tax Credit attract ‘an additional earnings disregard’ of £17.10 per week. This is set to be increased, again from 6th April, to £37.10 per week. We will be reassessing all claim entitlements affected by these changes automatically and issuing new printed letters that explain your revised entitlements. These letters will be issued in early April and will replace previous correspondence sent out.
We are aiming to do this as soon as possible but need to ask for your patience as we implement these major changes to our systems and payment processes.